Sweet devotion of sins

What is pushing us to death?
What is carring all my hate?
What is loosing all my faith?
What is crime is missing by?


For life we see in all those dreams
Of what has closed before
We're lossing life before a dream
& crushing nails by it with in

my secre dreams I see you
I see in my bandage
dirt with black , dirt by god
of this eternal carnage

so feel my pain of darkest past
of deepest horrors, deepest,last
of death in latex by sunlight
of all my sins , of all my bright

so time before has lost
so light before will die
so dream will still my life

Mordor's saga

I can't see
I can't feel
It could never be so real

You can hope
You can pray
But you'll never see god's rain

Mordors hand
Killing spread

I declare my ring
never been
But I lost in so
never was
But I found now
Yes it is
& you'll get it all

В молчании слово
а свет лишь во тьме
И жизнь после смерти
проносится быстро
Как ястреб что мчится
По сини небесной
Пустынной бескрайней

Небо светлеет кончаетчя ночь
Из тени выходит земля
Видение снов уносятся прочь
В обитель Тьмы короле

Мemory of the sacred monsters of the god

On light of miracles
world of a gloom and evil
Will keep a way ours damned
On set of years in a gloom of a hell

I see that horror
That close in eyes
In eyes of the God
In eyes of a corpse

Your prays will not keep
Your flesh of the slave
That will test eternally
Flours of my entertainments

Die cattle of the god!
I shall cut out veins
That has given rise you on light
Which will spit in the stomach

And the death will be all
Who will rise against us
We that legions of (torments) and burning
That our ground spits dusk

Symphony of black soul

Death reveals my soul
Blood spread of
Death will be so low
My mind is black

Bleed is no more pain
Let the candle burn
Sodom rules agayn
Faith will kill us all

& from summonig sin
Like ashes were we sleep
a little child what domain
for purity , & hopless , shall rise agayn

From all the sheeps like coffin dust
Will scream away to death in mind
We can not hear , we're seed my will





Open your room
Open your room , your mind
Open your room your secret sorrow

All the echos
All the secrets of your past
Bring the head
Of god who created you

I see all the Crist wars
I hope to understand this
I see all those dieing
I hope to win this Lucifer's kiss

Will never breake the silence
Will never trust our gods
We can't forgive the violence
We can forgive all shots

Open their eyes
Open their eyes of lie
Open their mind , to see the empire.

I pray you die

aside from a flash lite
the god have forgotten
my name only my
faith what will be rotten

I came in this world
with soul soluthion
& now my dead part
is missing with you

but soul is just screaming
it's screaming for your name
what standing on hellpits
of warshippin god

I know it's seems lovely
to cut souls of burried
but only their pain
get closer to you

Pain your fingers black
It's time of my dieyng
dirt your lips with blood
the last time I'n crying

Die my sacred love I turn you
Into my black heart I'll keep you
in my coldest mind I pray you

In halls of dark

in deepest
recover death

like candless
of blood vines
for darkest cross

In halls of dark
in past in future
I will become
a nicly sorted master

My children died
for Christ in war
so let us stand
for growing more & more

devoted in colors of blackshame pure wizdom
I soonly shall taste the sweet vine of sin
& power what's groving in sort of a prison
I soonly shall rise a hand to the sky's

Leasure in black torments of night

The pleasure that so is great
time when pain also bends
In dark more often foliage wood
That asks of blood and sin in mood

Sleep my child that burn in gloom
And you will see the worms of the gods
Which aspire to fling open your wings
For last flight at Sacred ground

from heavens that ravens call home
You will see ashes and death above fall
It is your look of heavens death
Which makes all blind worms of Christ

So close your eyes and feel the heat
Who gave your life to northern wind
Who gave death force and hatred god
your throne will burn your Christ will die

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